Q: How do you come up with your designs?

A: As with any artistic endeavor, we understand that creating a beautiful LandEscape is a subjective process. What seems beautiful to us might not seem beautiful to our customer! In an effort to never forget this, Vernon's LandEscapes strives to be very attuned to our customers' wants and needs. We ask many questions. We make many suggestions. We readily explain anything that is not clear. Nothing is left to guesswork; when we are ready to start our client's landscaping project, we know what their wants and needs are!

To come up with a design, we couple our clients' wants and needs with our years of Texas landscaping experience. This practicality ensures that our work will meet or surpass our clients' expectations. For inspiration to guide us, we look to landscaping principles noted for their ability to evoke feelings of peace and contentment. We often make use of Japanese garden and landscape design principles because of their extreme focus upon harmony and beauty. Naturally, were a Japanese garden to be uprooted from Japan and placed in Texas, it would not survive because the Texas climate is too harsh for many plants commonly used in Japanese gardens. But the principles behind the same Japanese garden can easily and cost effectively be applied to a garden of native Texas plants. (Some plants, such as the sago palm, are native to Japan and do quite well here.) The end result can be a Texas garden that has the same calming and peaceful effect that any Japanese garden would − and the owners might even be unaware that any Japanese design principles were used!

So, in the end our designs are drawn from customer input, our years of Texas landscaping experience, garden and landscape design principles (particularly those Japanese), and beauty anywhere and everywhere we find it!