Q: How do you choose which plants or materials to use?

A: We choose all of our landscaping materials with quality and value as our foremost concerns. Should any material prove too expensive for a client's budget, we will advise the client of alternatives and allow the client to choose the alternative they feel best suits their needs and budget. Remember, our foremost concerns is quality and value, not price.

This means that the materials selected for use by Vernon's LandEscapes will not necessarily be the most expensive. An example is plastic composite lumber materials sometimes used in the construction of decks. Such material is significantly more expensive than regular treated lumber and Vernon's LandEscapes has found that, for a variety of reasons, the practical lifespan of composite material is much less than that claimed by manufacturers. We simply advise our clients not to use it.

Plants are nearly always chosen by our clients. It is rare that our client's do not wish to choose their own plants. Vernon's LandEscapes readily assists the client in their selection of plants by offering our substantial landscaping experience and plant knowledge. At least 90% of the time, client's choose plants that are either native to Texas or non-native but known to thrive here. These plants are exceptionally hearty, offer lower maintenance and are generally more drought tolerant.

Vernon's LandEscapes also offers printed materials that guide client's in the selection of appropriate deer resistant and drought tolerant plants. These materials are offered free upon request. Client's should also feel comfortable asking us as many questions as they have about the plants they want included in their new LandEscape.