Q: What are some common drought resistant plants?

I have compiled this list of plants I readily recommend for both deer and drought problems:

Popular Deer and Drought Resistant Plants for Texas:
Agave, Agarita, All Hollies, All Ornamental Grasses, All Palms, All Sages, All Sedges, All Yuccas, American Smoke Tree, Arizona Cypress, Artemesia, Bearded Iris, Black-eyed Susan, Blackfoot Daisy, Carolina Jessamine, Copper Canyon Daisy, Coral Honeysuckle, Cotoneaster, Crossvine, Damianita, Desert Willow, Dwarf Nandina, Esperanza, Flame Acanthus, Fragrant Mimosa, Guara, Gregg Dalea, Indigo Spires, Lantana, Littleleaf Periwinkle, Mexican Buckeye, Mexican Marigold, Mexican Redbud, Montezuma Cypress, Mountain Laurel, Oleander, Oregano, Palmetto, Pink Skullcap, Plumbago, Pride of Barbados, Primrose Jasmine, Purple Coneflower, Rock Rose, Rosemary, Ruellia, Santolina, Sedum, Wooly Stemodia, Shrimp Plant, Texas Bettony, Texas Persimmon, Texas Sotol, Turk's Cap, Verbena, Yarrow, Zexmenia

When visiting your favorite nursery, check the plants whose appearance you like with the common names of plants in this list. Doing so will tell if the pretty flower you have selected is likely to be eaten by deer or to die quickly in the next heat wave. If your selection does not appear on this list, it is most likely a risky purchase! This full listing of deer and drought resistant plants may be found on the backs of all Vernon's LandEscapes business cards. If you do not have one of our business cards, contact us and ask us to send you one. It is a handy reference guide to have with you when you go plant shopping! We can also purchase all of these plants for you at wholesale prices!